Cathy Howells was born in Dubbo in Central Western New South Wales in 1964. She graduated from Cumberland College of Health Sciences in Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Physiotherapy in 1985.

Starting work as a junior physiotherapist at Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Cathy discovered that her professional interest was in orthopaedics and specifically, Amputee Rehabilitation. She has worked exclusively with amputees for over 20 years. She has lectured at the Lower Extremity Prosthetics Course run by UNSW and accredited by the Australasian College of Rehabilitation Medicine since 1991.

Cathy’s experience in treating amputees spans from consulting at the Children’s Hospital to adults who have undergone amputation due to vascular disease, trauma, cancer and infection. She has treated patients from the pre-operative stage, through rehabilitation, to returning to work, sport and right through to the Paralympic Games. Simply stated, she loves the game.

Cathy is passionate about the Amputee Coach Program because it is an opportunity to create a community of amputees who can communicate with and support each other through this particular life experience. The Amputee Coach fills a void in the provision of information to amputees. The mission is to help amputees live a fulfilling and active life through physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

As well as an amputee physiotherapist and author, Cathy is a devoted mother, rose enthusiast and fierce competitor at Scrabble.

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