Meet with the Osseointegration Group of Australia team at the monthly Osseointegration Clinic: The team will consult with you, assess your case, answer all of your questions and discuss the procedure and post-op physio and care with you. The clinic is also a chance to meet other amputees who are at various stages of the osseointegration journey.

A/Prof Al Muderis refers patient for pre-op assessment: You will be sent for x-rays and scans in order for A/Prof Al Muderis to be able make a thorough assessment of your individual situation.

Psychologist review: You will have a one on one session with the team’s psychologist Dr Chris Basten, who will chat with you about the process, your thoughts about it and your reasons for wanting the surgery.

Group agrees to proceed: Once all assessments have been carried out the team will discuss your case and make the decision whether or not to proceed with surgery.

Prosthetics/Physio complete pre-op build up and muscle rehab: Meet with the team’s prosthetist, Stefan Laux who will conduct a series of gait measurements, tests and assessments. Sarah Benson, the team’s physiotherapist will run through a series of pre-op strengthening exercises for you to do prior to surgery.

Operative planning: A/Prof Al Muderis and his surgical team will make the necessary preparations for surgery.

Pain management/Anesthetist: Anesthetist Ajay Kumar and Pain Management Specialist Dr Andrew Paterson will consult with you about what anesthetic will be best and the to run through the post-op pain management protocol.

Hospitalisation – Acute nurse physio care: If you are undergoing the surgery at Macquarie University Hospital you will be under the care of Jennifer Martin who is the Acute Care Nurse; Nurse Unit Manager and has vast experience with osseointregration. If the surgery is being preformed at Norwest you will be under the care of specialty acute care nursing staff who also have a great deal of osseointegration patient experience.

Prosthetics/Physio for rehab and follow up: Partial weight-bearing and the fitting of the lower prosthesis can take place as early as a few days after the second surgery. This is done under careful supervision of the team physios. They will guide you through the weight loading stage. Once you have reached and can comfortably load at a weight of half your body weight prosthetist Stefan Laux will fit you with a light leg and gait training can commence.


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