Soldier who lost both legs in Afghanistan blast says he's been forced to re-mortgage his home to fund new prosthetic limbs

Daily Mail, 28 December 2015

Clive Smith wants to pay for pioneering artificial limb surgery in Australia.

A soldier who lost his legs to a roadside bomb in Afghanistan says he has been forced to mortgage his home to fund new prosthetic limbs after a 12-month wait on the NHS.

The surgeon who will perform Mr Smith's operation is an Iraqi who fled Saddam Hussein's brutal regime.

Dr Munjed Al Muderis, 42, said: 'These young British soldiers were sent to help Iraq and Afghanistan stand on their own two feet and were met with terrorism. I feel ashamed of that.

'The very least I can do is say sorry by helping them get their mobility back.'

The charity Help for Heroes is funding Mr Smith and his girlfriend to fly out to Australia and cover their expenses during what is likely to be a two-month stay.

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Mediclinic, 4 December 2018

The advantages of osseointegration implant surgery were showcased by surgeons from the Division of Orthopaedics at Stellenbosch University and the Institute of Orthopaedics and Rheumatology – currently being set up at Mediclinic Stellenbosch.

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Osseointegration Moves Forward

inMotion Volume 25, Issue 5, September|October 2015

FDA approves the procedure in the U.S.

He became the first American to benefit from a bone-anchored leg prosthesis, but he had to travel to Australia to get one - a surgically implanted titanium device that grows into the bone, protrudes through the skin and can be attached to an artificial limb.

The process, called osseointegration (OI) and familiar through dental implants, was not approved for amputees in the Unites States - until now.

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ground-breaking artificial legs in Australia

CTV News, 2 November 2015

You would never be able to tell that Lori MacInnis walks with the help of a prosthesis.

But the resident of Prince Edward Island doesn't use a run-of-the-mill artificial leg. Her prosthesis utilizes an osseointegrated implant, the first of its kind planted inside a Canadian amputee.

The procedure involves the insertion of a titanium pole into the bones of the knee. A small piece is left to protrude through the skin and allows for the direct attachment of a prosthesis.

It was pioneered by Dr. Munjed Al Muderis, who fled Iraq during Saddam Hussein’s regime and was granted asylum in Australia.

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New kind of prosthesis

CTV National News, 2 November 2015

Canadian researchers are hoping to test a new kind of leg prosthesis for amputees developed in Australia.

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Big step forward in prosthetics

CTV Edmonton News, November 2 2015

An Australian doctor has taken a big step forward in the field of prosthetic limbs.

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Macquarie University Hospital, May 7 2015

HRH Prince Harry tours the Macquarie University Hospital Osseointegration Clinic with Professor Munjed Al Muderis.

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Prince Harry Meets with Munjed Al Muderis whose pioneering surgery is helping UK soldiers walk again


The Daily Telegraph May 7, 2015


  • Prince Harry will meet orthopedic surgeon Munjed Al Muderis
  • Dr Al Muderis is a world leader in hip, knee and trauma surgery
  • He has pioneered techniques for treating soldiers who have lost limbs
  • The Iraqi refugee has connected prosthetic limbs to dozens of UK soldiers

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Walking Heroes

British soldiers, wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan are increasingly coming to Australia for a specialised surgery the replaces lost limbs with robotic replacements.

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