Miranda Cashin featured in Marie Claire

Osseointegration patient Miranda Cashin has been featured in Marie Claire as a winner of their 'Dare to Make a Difference' prize, celebrating life transformations.

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November 3 2013

Greg speaks about his Dad's impending surgery for his Year 4 Public Speaking Competition.

My bionic leg changed my life

Women's Weekly, October 24 2013

Mitch Grant had resigned himself to a painful and inconvenient life after losing his leg in a motorcycle accident — but everything changed when he got a new bionic limb.

Full article: My bionic leg changed my life

Ten years ago, a car accident robbed Shona Muckert of both her legs. Unable to wear standard prosthetics, Shona is now hoping to raise the money for a pair of high-tech robotic legs.

Watch video: New Legs for Shona

Full article: Shona's surgery dream

John Hilton has been an above-the-knee amputee since a car accident in 1982.

The Canberra Times, March 30 2014

JOHN HILTON'S gain is his cat's loss. When the Canberra amputee talks about the revolutionary robotic prosthetic he received last year, he can't get over how normal it makes him feel.

Full article: John Hilton's miracle leg helps his cat

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