Queen Elizabeth II presents a campaign medal to Shaun Stocker during the Drumhead Service of Thanksgiving to mark the return of the 1st Battalion Royal Welsh Chester Racecourse

Daily Post UK, February 11 2015

Shaun Stocker has undergone pioneering surgery in Australia to fit special prosthetic limbs after stepping on an explosive device in Afghanistan.

An inspirational soldier who thought he’d never walk again after his legs were blown off in Afghanistan is planning a 100km charity trek.

Full Article: Inspirational Wrexham soldier who had both legs blown off in warzone plans 100km walk

Hawaiin surfer Miek Coots with Tristan De Maria. Pic: Adam Yip.

Daily Telegraph, March 23 2015

Being an amputee was never going to hold youngster Tristan De Maria from hitting the surf at Manly Beach on Saturday.

The eight-year-old, who took part in Amputee Surf Day, takes a positive approach to everything he attempts, according to his mum, Alex.

Full Article: Amputee surfers take to the swell at Manly

Amputee Implant Technology : The Latest Advancements in Osseointegration

Join us for a special presentation by Dr. Munjed Al Muderis of Sydney, Australia where he will discuss the latest innovation in amputee implant technology, the Osseointegration Prosthetic Limb (OPL) implant. With the help of his team, The Osseointegration Group of Australia Accelerated Protocol (OGAP), Dr. Al Murderis has combined Swedish and German technologies to develop the next generation implant.

Open to amputees and medical professionals

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Osseointegration Xray Photo source: amputeeimplantdevices.com

Rehab Pub, February 3 2015

Clinicians across several disciplines will have an opportunity to explore an new approach for treating amputees that focuses on surgical attachment of a prosthetic limb via osseointegration surgery. Munjed Al Muderis, a Sydney, Australia-based orthopedic surgeon, will present the lecture, hosted by Helen Hayes Hospital.

Full Article: Osseointegration for Amputees

New technology replaces lost limbs with robots

Video Aljazeera, February 15 2015

The new type of surgery, called osseo-integration technologies, uses robotic attachments in lieu of missing limbs.

Watch Video: New technology replaces lost limbs with robots

Michael Swain titanium soldier

Mirror Online, December 15 2014

Michael Swain is the first Brit soldier to undergo osseo-integration, in which metal rods are inserted into bones to make it easier to attach artificial limbs

Full Article: Titanium soldier

Michael Swain with his three-year-old son Max.

ITC Report, December 18 2014

A former British serviceman has been given a new lease on life thanks to a pioneering technique that attaches titanium rods directly to his bones.

Michael Swain lost both his lower legs after he was struck by a Taliban explosive device in Afghanistan five years ago.

Full Article: Pioneering surgery helps soldier who lost his legs walk again

Meet our Member: Mike Swain

Blesma, December 4 2014

Rifleman Michael Swain is the only British Service man to have undergone a cutting-edge surgical procedure known as osseointegration. He explains how it feels to be walking after years of waiting.

Full Article: Meet our member Mike Swain

British rifleman Michael Swain

The Daily Telegraph, April 16 2014

A BRITISH soldier who had revolutionary surgery in Australia after losing both his legs to a Taliban bomb blast has walked on "bionic legs" to receive an award from the Queen.

Rifleman Michael Swain, now 24, had both his legs amputated above the knee following the explosion in Afghanistan in November 2009.

Full Article: UK amputee soldier gets award from Queen

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