What are the advantages of the OGAP-OPL?

advantagesNo Socket

  • Walking with the OGAP-OPL allows for natural loading of the hip joint and the femur. This encourages bone growth, creates a more natural gait and requires less physical exertion.

  • Any weight or fluid variations of the stump have no effect on fit or functionality.
  • No bulky socket which provides a natural streamlined look in clothes

Freedom of Mobility

  • Allows for full freedom of movement in activities ranging from walking to cycling, recreational activities and physical work.

  • Muscular strength is developed freely which minimises muscle wastage of the stump.

  • Movement is not restricted by the protruding edges of a socket. This allows for greater ease and comfort while sitting, standing and walking. 

  • The direct connection between femoral bone, implant and knee enables free, natural pivoting movements.

Easy Attachment and Fit

  • The knee prosthesis can be easily attached and removed with ease within just a few seconds.

Easy Attachment and Fit


  • The patient regains their sense of proprioception, which is the unconcious perception of the position of the body, movement and spatial orientation in relation to the external environment. This means the the patient regains the ability to feel the ground beneath them as they walk and can differentiate between different surfaces such as carpet, grass, tiles and uneven ground. This allows for safer and more confident movement  even in unfamiliar areas or dim light.

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