The OGAP-OPL is a revolutionary type of prosthesis for amputees where a conventional socket becomes unnecessary.

What makes the OGAP-OPL so innovative is it is modelled on the anatomy of the human body and takes the load back directly to the bone, the joint above and the associated muscles.

The OGAP-OPL is implanted directly into the femur or tibia and when integrated with the bone allows for a simple, quick and safe connection between the stump and the lower prosthesis.

No longer is the prosthesis merely attached to you but it becomes a part of you, resulting in greater comfort and walking control.

One of the major differences between the bone anchored OGAP-OPL prosthesis and a conventional prosthesis is the absence of a socket. This ensures the prosthesis always fits comfortably regardless of fluid fluctuations of the stump. It also ensures it always attaches correctly and is always held firmly in place regardless of activity or sweat levels.

The absence of a socket also eliminates other associated problems that accompany the use of a socket such as rubbing, chaffing and pressure sores.


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