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Until now over 180 patients from Australia, the United Kingdom, USA and New Zealand have been successfully treated at our clinic including 3 Bilateral AKA patients, 1 bilateral BKA and 11 BKA patients. Germany and the Netherlands have another 100 plus patients using the Osseointegration system performed by leading surgeons of those countries.

Advantages of the OGAP-OPL prosthesis vis-à-vis a conventional prosthesis:

  • No bruises or chafe marks due to perfect fitting of the shaft.
  • Higher and prolonged mobility.
  • Facilitated seating.
  • Direct load transmission from bone onto prosthesis.

The OPL _OGAAP prosthesis consists of three main components:

  • An intramedullary bar that is inserted into the Femur/Humerus/Tibia
  • An transcutaneous implant that links the implant and prosthetic joint
  • An external coupling that connects the joint to the implant.

Two surgical procedures necessary:

First surgery: An intramedullary, cement-free bar (16 cm / 6.5 inches min.) is implanted into the femur, the wound is closed.

Time for healing: approximately 6 - 8 weeks.

Second surgery: Opening of the stump, implantation of the adapter (needed as interface for external prosthesis).

Noteworthy information:

  • Medication: no permanent intake necessary.
  • Avoidence of infection can be achieved by regular and thorough cleaning of stoma (patient will be trained to do so).
  • In case of falling: a predetermined breaking point in the adapter will avoid possible damage to the bone and implant.