An amputation of the leg is a devastating moment in anybody’s life and has a significant impact on all areas of an individual’s life. For this reason the desire for greater and more effortless mobility allowing for active participation in all areas of life is the Osseointegration Group of Australia’s top priority.

Prosthetic care plays a vital role in fulfilling these wishes and recovering the unrestricted ability to walk.

Throughout this site, we would like to introduce our response to your needs: a team approach from the initial meeting through to surgery and then quality after care with rehabilitation, physiotherapy and pain management that is best suited to you. This is done using the newest innovation in the field of prosthetics, the OGAP-OPL implant.

With the OGAP-OPL implant freedom of movement and quality of life are given a whole new meaning.

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The Osseointegration Group of Australia team consists of experts in a variety of fields each with vast experience of working with amputees. They understand every situation and patient is unique and with a combined team approach work together to assess and determine the best possible treatment for you.

The team cares for you emotionally and physically from the first meeting offering support and expert guidance through all stages of the osseointegration process from choosing to undergo surgery, to the surgery itself, through to the after care in pain management, physiotherapy and prosthetic adjustments.

Meet the Osseointegration Group of Australia Team:

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The testimonials contained in this website are the personal opinions held by those giving the testimonials and no reliance should be placed on the  testimonials and all patients should make their own enquiries and obtain their own medical advice about the procedures and their suitability to those described in this website.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries serious risks. Before proceeding, you should seek medical advice to your personal conditional and situation and seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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