The OGAP-OPL is a new type of prosthesis for both above and below-the-knee amputees that makes a conventional suction prosthesis unnecessary.

The OGAP-OPL is modeled on the anatomy of the human body and takes the load back to the femur and hip joint when walking.

Both Dr Al Muderis who is also the designer, along with the manufacturers, have many years of experience in the field of internal prosthesis design and production.  They use evidence proven clinical history to deliver a safe result that enables mobility without a suction prosthesis.

The OGAP-OPL is implanted directly into the femur or tibia, which enables a safe and secure connection between the patient and the prosthesis. This same connection has been in clinical use in Total hip Replacement surgery with successful outcomes for more than 20 years.

The OGAP-OPL prosthesis consists of three main components:

  • A titanium rod that has a thick porous coating. This porous coating is used in hip replacement surgery with excellent results. It facilitates the bone to grow into the titanium rod and results in the implant and bone becoming one.
  • A highly polished transcutaneous connector with an anti-microbial coating that links the internal osseointegrated prosthesis to the knee safety connector.
  • The quick release knee torque connector that connects the implant to the knee.

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